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postheadericon Smart Shopping Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Designer Handbags

Plush leather? Check! Silk lining? Check! The perfect designer handbag that won’t rob your bank account blind? Triple check! There is nothing more disappointing than walking through a department store and eyeing a jaw-dropping, gorgeous handbag, that you can’t purchase. Which is why buying pre-owned designer handbags is downright Fashionista genius. Follow these helpful tips to shop for pre-owned designer handbags and you will be sure to land the bag you’ve always wanted, at the perfect price.When shopping pre-owned, you get the same great bags that you’ve been lusting for. They are usually in great shape, as they have been kept with good owners. Buying this way will allow you to have the same great quality because they are the same, authentic luxury bags.

Usually, Fashionistas have handbags in mind that we absolutely adore. We have the new list, the older list and sometimes the vintage list. Start by browsing consignment stores in your area, to see which shops carry the styles and brands you like. Each consignment shop varies, as some shops sell vintage only. Do a search for consignment stores in your area and take a visit!

The sales associates, or owner of the store, are usually very knowledgeable about each item they carry. Dive in and ask questions and don’t be hesitant to ask for prices (if they are not marked). In the pre-owned world, they understand that customers are looking for a bargain, so asking questions about prices is welcomed. Be sure to ask about the authenticity of the bags as well. If you’ve done all of that work to find the bagand have purchased it, you don’t want to be disappointed by finding out later on, that the bag was not real. Also, be aware of consignment, or thrift. Thrift shops sell whatever is in good enough condition. They don’t usually pay attention to authenticating each item. Whereas, consignment shops inspect, as well as authenticate, before reselling.

A great perk that comes with certain consignment shops, is they have an online store, as well. The range of bags are for sale online by Yoogi’s Closet, for example, is incredible. They also have a physical location in Seattle Washington.

The best part about looking for anything in today’s society is there’s an app for everything. Sell and swap apps are a super convenient option, to shop for pre-owned handbags. When shopping on these apps, you can search brands, handbag styles, colors, and much more. Once you have found the handbag you are interested in, you can ask questions, directly to the owner of the bag. Use this opportunity to request more photos, for size and details. It is important to always ask if it is authentic. In most cases, luxury handbags from brands such as Gucci, have identifying factors, to determine if the bag is authentic (such as a serial number). Be sure to ask for information like this, even sales receipts. If you are interested in more than one bag, from a seller, you can follow them to stay updated on new items they post. They might have the next Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.B Tote you’ve been wearing in your head. Check out these pre-owned handbags, from the sell and swap website, The Real Real. They have an app available for free download on Android and iPhone.

Finally, when you have the object of your desire, don’t be afraid to use it. Put your best dress on, RayBan sunglasses, and go rock it baby!

postheadericon Fine Shopping in the City of Venice

If you are told Venice, what words come to your mind? Water, gondolas, St. Mark’s Square, Carnival, Bridge of Sighs or canals? And even go shopping in Venice! A mix of many little things that make it an enchanting city and considered unique in the world.

Shopping in Venice

Venice is a city to see at least once in a lifetime. This island glued to the Italian boot is the jewel of the country. Its spectacular architecture, its canals, its festive and elegant atmosphere during the carnival will allow you to lose yourself in recent history, and will invite you to hide among its inhabitants.

If Venice is your next travel destination, get ready to be amazed by this spectacular city. Even if you are a victim of its labyrinthine streets, Venice will provide you with an incomparable tranquility if you go shopping: there are no cars in its streets and all the transport is done on the water. That’s why she’s called La Serenissime! Places like golden goose venezia are the best option for you.

Shopping in Venice

In order to help you during your stay in this northern Italian city, we give you here some tips to easily find all the main places of interest for shopping in Venice. Take note!

Tips for shopping in Venice

You have to consider different things before going shopping in Venice:

  • First, the shops are open from 9am to 8pm and most close between 1pm and 3pm.
  • There are very few shops open on Sundays, except some supermarkets. Do not wait for this day to shop!
  • If you travel in summer, you will find some shops open at night, due to its mild climate.
  • Neighborhoods for shopping in Venice

St. Mark’s Square

  • If you want to immerse yourself in Venice, there is no better place to start than St. Mark’s Square. This is the main tourist site, with its church and its square, but also with gondolas and access to the sea.
  • It is an ideal place to go shopping in Venice if you are looking for major Italian brands. You will find the Armani, Gucci, Prada and Versace boutiques.

What’s better for shopping in Venice than to start with some of the best Italian brands?

CalledellaMandola and Campo Santo Stefano

Another place of interest for shopping in Venice is near St. Mark’s Square. Through the maze of streets, surrounded by charming architecture and surrounded by canals, we recommend you to reach Calle de la Mandola. You will also find a multitude of local shops, where you can buy clothes, bags or shoes. On the other hand, you will find the Campo Santo Stefano by going to the Rialto Bridge. You will find a variety of local food products on its markets that take place several mornings a week.