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postheadericon Finer Tips for the Perfect Home Cleaning

Research has shown that happy employees are more productive than employees who are less satisfied with their work. This also applies, of course, to our domestic helpers. So it is high time to see how we can make our cleaners happy. Read on for five tips quickly!

Talk to your help at home

Most people like to have a conversation in their time, that will not be different for your domestic help. If you are at home during her cleaning round, it is fairly easy to have a conversation. These conversations can be about anything from pets to experiences on weekends. If you are not at home when the cleaning lady comes to work, it may seem more complicated to communicate. This does not necessarily have to be the case! Put a note with more text than just her task list, or send her a message somewhere halfway to ask how it goes. Showing interest is everything and will do every household help and for that the best in part time cleaner is there for you.

Consider the wishes of your domestic help

Do you know if your cleaning lady has favorite cleaning articles? If not, use the first tip to find out! Do you already know what her wishes are? The domestic help is likely to appreciate if you arrive with her favorite mop. More expensive articles, such as a vacuum cleaner, are of course a different story.

Give the cleaning lady a break

In addition to personal contact and good cleaning articles, break is an important item for your help at home. After all, hard work means a well-deserved break. When you are at home, you can sit down together. Take a nice cup of coffee or tea and have a chat. Are not you home? Then put your stuff ready so that your domestic help can take a break when it is ready. She will thank you!

Think of her birthday or anniversary

Nothing is more fun than an employer who is aware of personal events, so be that nice employer! This of course does not mean that you have to look for a gift with every festive fact, but to show that you are aware of personal events is fun and thoughtful. Does your help work at home on public holidays or on her birthday? Make an extra fun day out by providing a pastry in the break. Always consult about working on public holidays. Not everyone has the same ideas about it, so consultation is always appreciated.

Download a free e-book for her

Do you really want to make your domestic help happy? Then download one of our e-books for her! She has something to do at home and at work. We have e-books on various topics within the household, so there is always something nice for her. Make sure she does not take it as criticism of her work, which of course cannot be the intention.